Our Solutions

Committed to Animal Welfare

We maintain an unwavering focus on the welfare of the laboratory animals in our care. Our entire preclinical staff is trained in laboratory animal care and focused on animal welfare and environmental enrichment — embracing compassion, sensitivity and adherence to regulatory guidelines.

Our methodologies, procedures and equipment are refined to decrease stress on the animals, improve workflows, and ensure the success of your study. As part of our C.A.R.E. program, which every employee has pledged to support, we are committed to the 3Rs (replacement, reduction and refinement). All efforts in this regard are overseen by our Chief Animal Welfare Officer, a member of the Altasciences executive team.

  • Animal Welfare Council consisting of members from several departments
  • C.A.R.E. Contract/Pledge — every employee has signed a contract prioritizing the humane care of animals used in research
  • Comprehensive environmental and animal enrichment program is supported by a dedicated team of enrichment staff lead by an NHP behaviorist
  • We promote and provide social housing configurations for all species
    • Dog kennels with interconnecting doors for additional socialization
    • Mini Pig habitat caging configured to allow for snout-to-snout interactions
  • Use of a humane endpoints policy to minimize pain and discomfort
  • Veterinary committee for decision-making in difficult euthanasia situations

Unique Handling, Animal Care and Housing

  • Passive restraint NHP procedure cages
  • EU-compliant group housing for NHPs
  • Consistent healthcare, welfare and enrichment from point of origin to final destination

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