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January 2014

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Newsletter  |  January 2014

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Algorithme Pharma Expands Montréal Clinic with New Unit

Our clinical facility located in Montréal, Québec, has recently been expanded to become a 7-unit clinic with 265 beds for increased trial capacity. The modern design enhances the participant experience with 3 independent lounges, soundproof dormitories and facility-wide complimentary WiFi. With the open concept processing and nursing areas, we now have an increased flexibility in conducting complex study designs for our sponsors.

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Algorithme Pharma Gains Key Patient Access Through Partnership with Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont (HMR)

Algorithme Pharma is pleased to offer sponsors increased patient access in key therapeutic areas through the strategic partnership with Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont (HMR). The HMR clinical research team is comprised of over 60 clinicians and has formed an experienced network working in key therapeutic areas of research including Hematology, Oncology, Nephrology, Ophthalmology and Metabolic Diseases.

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Pharmacokinetic, Adhesion and Safety Evaluation of Transdermal Patches
A Case Study Analysis

The methodology used by Algorithme Pharma in transdermal delivery studies is critical in accurately assessing the pharmacokinetics, safety and tolerability of investigated drugs. This approach can also be applied to the development of a new drug product or for the determination of bioequivalence between two formulations.

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Early Stage Decisions Made Easier with Effective Tissue Bioanalysis

From the basic to the most complex, Algorithme Pharma develops reliable high throughput methods for the quantification of compounds in various tissue samples. Our scientists have experience with a wide range of tissue analysis types including Liver, Colon, Kidneys and Tumor in multiple matrices.

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New GLP Methods for the Determination of Transferrin-bound Iron (TBI) and Total Serum Iron: BE and PK Assessment Ferumoxytol Formulations in Human

See our latest poster podcast presented by Robert Massé, Vice President, Large Molecule Bioanalysis.

Webinar Recording Available

Early Stage Recruitment Strategies for Complex Trials & Special Populations: How to Deliver Full Panels On-Time,
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March 23-27, 2014
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Dr. Fabio Garofolo, was a moderator at the session entitled "New Issues-Common Topics at the Quantitative Bioanalytical Methods Validation and Implementation: The 2013 Revised FDA Guidance Meeting."

He was also interviewed at the 20th International Reid Bioanalytical Forum about the matrix effects special focus issue.
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Bioanalysis Journal Articles

2013 White Paper on recent issues in bioanalysis: 'hybrid' - The best of LBA and LCMS

Bioanalysis, December 2013, 5(23), 2903-2918.

Impact of organic solvent additive on the integrity of plasma samples in bioanalysis by LC-MS/MS

Bioanalysis, Oct 2013, Vol. 5 (19), Pages 2359-2370.

Importance of matrix effects in LC-MS/MS bioanalysis

Bioanalysis, Oct 2013, 5(19), Pages 2331-2332.

Quantitative bioanalysis of small and large molecules by high-resolution MS

'Applications of High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry in Drug Discovery and Development', December 2013, 74-89.


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