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Altasciences Expands its Purpose-Built Inhalation Testing Facilities

Laval, Quebec, May 1, 2019– Altasciences announced today that they have completed the expansion of their specialized smoking/vaping facility across their clinical research units in North America, demonstrating their commitment to further assisting sponsors in meeting the requirements for regulatory submission for inhalation products.

Altasciences’ purpose-built, indoor facilities include a total of 23 highly specialized procedure rooms where multiple studies can be conducted simultaneously. The facilities are divided into areas with systems controlling negative pressure, independent ventilation air cleaning, contamination and participant observation, to allow for the evaluation of tobacco, electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), including cannabis, covering study types such as human abuse potential, smoking cessation, ENDS risk assessment, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, as well as pharmaceuticals.

Our experience with both the pharmaceutical and device industries, coupled with our innovative facilities and expert staff, ensure that Altasciences is uniquely qualified to conduct these specialized clinical trials,” said Ingrid Holmes, Vice President, Global Clinical Operations at Altasciences.

Furthermore, to support their clinical operations, Altasciences has been investing heavily in developing the robust list of validated biomarkers with the sensitivity required for inhalation products, including tobacco.

“Our bioanalytical lab has been analyzing pharmacokinetics of products delivered by inhalation, such as nicotine or cannabis, in blood and urine, for years, and we offer top-grade, validated bioanalytical methods for the analysis of biomarkers of exposure and of potential harm,” explained Holmes.

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Altasciences is a forward-thinking, mid-size contract research organization offering pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies of all sizes a proven, flexible approach to preclinical and early phase clinical studies, from lead candidate selection to proof of concept. For over 25 years, Altasciences has been integrating into clients’ projects to help support educated, faster, and more complete early drug development decisions. Altasciences’ full-service solutions include preclinical safety testing, clinical pharmacology, bioanalysis, program management, medical writing, biostatistics, and data management, all of which can be tailored to specific sponsor requirements. Altasciences… helping sponsors get better drugs to the people who need them, faster.

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